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AAMVA 2015 IDEC Examiner of the Year Nomination

Date of News Release: 03/04/2016

Trina Nugent Trina Nugent

(Frankfort, KY) - Trina Nugent began her employment as a License Examiner for the Kentucky State Police in January of 2013. She quickly became a standout at her job demonstrating an in depth knowledge and understanding of the policy and procedures that govern the day to day duties of her position.

What stands out about examiner Nugent is the fact that along with the technical understanding of her responsibilities she has maintained a genuine compassion for the people of Kentucky that she serves. Examiner Nugent as a rule goes above and beyond her assigned duties to treat people fair and provide service to them that is first rate and reflects a positive light on the Kentucky State Police. She does this with little to no supervision demonstrating a personnel work ethic often missing in the modern workplace.

Sgt. Jerry Handy, Trina Nugent & Captain Howard Rice Sgt. Jerry Handy, Trina Nugent & Captain Howard Rice

This passion for serving people led to the decision to assign her to provide fingerprinting services to CDL holders in May of 2014 after only 16 months with this agency. This position within the Kentucky State Police can be very competitive as it is an increase in pay for the examiner. She earned this position by learning the job duties and assisting with them on her own initiative prior to the position being open. Even after being assigned to this position she continues to demonstrate her willingness to go above what is required of her. It is common to see her assisting customers with written tests and giving road skills tests when her assigned duties are completed. It would be easy for her to accomplish her assigned duties then "take it easy for the day." However this is not the case. Without being asked she will without exception help the other employees to provide service to customers waiting in line to get their license or permit.

Sgt. Jerry Handy & Trina Nugent gt. Jerry Handy & Trina Nugent

As examiner Nugent's direct supervisor I have to be careful not to take Examiner Nugent for granted because of the work she does without complaint or supervision. She brings a positive energy to the office that effects everyone present and improves moral. She on occasion will cook for the entire office or bring in baked goods. These type of things improve moral and team work. Without saying anything it tells her fellow employees that she values them and recognizes their work. License Examiners are often the first and only contact that the public will have with the Kentucky State Police. At a time when the public image of the police in general is under attack nationwide, we must be conscious to provide a positive experience that people will remember. Examiner Trina Nugent provides that experience to her customers on a daily basis and for this reason I recommend her for Examiner of the year.