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KSP Still Searching for Answers in the Kidnapping of Heather Teague

Date of News Release: 08/13/2014

A KSP detective searches through the debris from a cistern looking for any clues which may assist them in the kidnapping of Heather Teague

(Henderson, KY) August 26th will mark the 19th anniversary of the kidnapping of Heather D. Teague. According to KSP, Teague was last seen on August 26, 1995 at Newburgh Beach in Henderson County.

Victim: Heather D. Teague
White female, 23 years of age at the time of the kidnapping.

Location: Newburgh Beach, Henderson (Henderson County), Kentucky.

Last Seen:> 19 years ago.

A witness observed the victim being kidnapped at gunpoint from Newburgh Beach in Henderson County.

Multiple KSP detectives have worked diligently on this case and have exhausted many leads; however, no arrests have been made nor has Teague been located. The Kentucky State Police is committed to providing answers for the Teague family and has made many proactive attempts to garner newer leads.

Detectives have recently sought information that led them to excavate two core areas. Various retention basins used in a livestock operation near John Steele Road (Henderson County) were recently drained. Its contents were dug out and spread across a field. Nothing of evidentiary value was found.

A 20 foot deep cistern (in an undisclosed area) was also identified by KSP detectives as a potential concern. A submersible camera was used to view the contents of the contained well. Unsatisfied, detectives then excavated the entire cistern and inspected its contents. Both endeavors provided no evidence to this case.

Furthermore, as social media has become more mainstream for many people, KSP detectives continually monitor networking sites such as Topix, Face Book, Twitter and other similar chat sites.

We respectfully request if anyone has any information regarding this case and/or the kidnapping of Heather Teague, please contact KSP Post 16 at 270.826.3312 or text an anonymous tip to KSP at: 67283, KSPTIP ("your message").