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Henderson County Man Indicted by Grand Jury

Date of News Release: 08/04/2015

(HENDERSON, KY) - August 4, 2016 -- Kentucky State Police detectives charged 45 year-old Harvey "Danny" Sizemore of Corydon with one (1) count of Sexual Abuse 1st Degree, which is a class D Felony. He was also charged with three (3) counts of Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree, which are class A Misdemeanors.

The investigation began in October of 2015 when the Kentucky State Police was notified of possible sexual misconduct between Sizemore and a female victim. The victim, who is over the age of 18, has an intellectual disability which is incapable of providing consent. The alleged offenses occurred between August 2015 - October 2015. KSP detectives investigated the allegations and presented the findings to the Henderson County Grand Jury yesterday. The Grand Jury returned an indictment on Sizemore and was charged with said offenses.

It is well known in the community that Sizemore is a deputy for the Henderson County Sheriff's Department. Kentucky State Police detectives say that none of the above charges occurred while being “on-duty” or while performing any other official tasks.

Sizemore turned himself in this afternoon to troopers and is lodged in the Henderson County Detention Center in Henderson.

Below, you will find a news release from the Henderson County Sheriff's Department.

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News release from the Henderson County Sheriff's Department


Suspension of Deputy


Henderson County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Sizemore was suspended from duty without pay this date. This action was taken due to an indictment by the Henderson County Grand Jury. The indictment was for the following charges:

Sex Abuse 1st Degree - 1 Count

Sex Abuse 2nd Degree - 3 Counts

He shall remain suspended from duty pending further action by the court.

Any questions about the criminal case should be directed to the Kentucky State Police in Henderson.

Col. David Crafton, Unit 101