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Felony Arrest In Ohio County

Date of News Release: 10/04/2016

Fordsville, KY. (October 04, 2016) – Kentucky State Police and Ohio County Sheriff’s Department received a tip of drug activity taking place at 368 East Main Street of Fordsville. Complainant also requested a welfare check on three small children living at the residence. Through investigation officers discovered marijuana pipes, a grinder, and bong. Officer’s also discovered two containers with multiple baggies of Methamphetamine, a glass pipe, and a syringe. Cash and cell phones were also confiscated. Aaron and Lacey Bullington, Kenneth Durbin, and Austin Pointer were placed under arrest, and lodged in the Ohio County Detention Center on the following charges: Traff in Cont Sub, 1st Degree, 1st Off (> or = 2 gms Methamphetamine), Poss. Cont. Sub. 1st Deg., 1st Off (Methamphetamine); 2 Counts of Drug Paraphernalia – Buy/Possess; Poss of Marijuana, and Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg 1st Off (Drug Unspecified). Aaron and Lacey Bullington were charged with 3 Counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in addition to the drug charges. Aaron Bullington and Austin Pointer were also charged with Tampering with Physical Evidence in addition to their other charges..

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