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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (April 10-16) Honors Team Behind The Scene

Date of News Release: 04/04/2016

(Bowling Green, KY) - Telecommunicators at Kentucky State Police Post 03 in Bowling Green will be recognized along with more than 200,000 of their fellow communicators nationwide April 10-16 during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

These silent heroes of public safety are more than just a voice on the other end of the line. They often save lives on a daily basis.

"Kentucky State Police telecommunicators deal with stressful situations that involve life and death and are expected to handle these situations with compassion, empathy and professionalism. They must be their best while dealing with people who may be at their worst," says Capt. John Clark, commander of KSP Post 03 in Bowling Green. "People don't usually call them for help when they are having a good day. They deal with people who have been victimized or need medical assistance. The callers may be threatening and belligerent, or in some cases, not able to communicate at all, other than dialing 911 with their last bit of strength, in an attempt to get help."

In addition to handling calls from the public, KSP telecommunicators also handle dispatch duties for Kentucky State Troopers, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers and other emergency service agencies. Their duties include dealing with highly emotional callers and interacting with other law enforcement and emergency service agencies, calling wrecker services, notifying channels of administration, running license plate and drivers license numbers, running criminal histories and notifying family members while continuing to answer new calls and handling other radio traffic.

"They act as a lifeline for officers in the field," says Capt. John Clack. "We couldn't do our jobs without them. We depend on their skill and dedication every day so it is fitting that we take this time to recognize their value to the Kentucky State Police and to the citizens of the Commonwealth."

KSP employs 213 telecommunicators at its 16 posts throughout the state. In 2015, they handled 577,468 CADs. Post 03 in Bowling Green has 18 telecommunicators on staff who handle calls from a 8-county area. Last year, they logged 72,536 CADs and answered approx. 192,250 calls.

The Post 03 telecommunications team includes: Telecommunications Supervisor Christy Basham of Roundhill; Shift Supervisor Jimmy Kitchens of Bowling Green; Senior Dispatcher Jayne Davenport of Bowling Green; Senior Dispatcher Deidra Mayfield of Bowling Green; Senior Dispatcher Danny Rendleman of Bowling Green; Senior Dispatcher Faith Farley of Belton; Senior Dispatcher Nichole Mann of Franklin; Senior Dispatcher Melissa Allen of Franklin; Senior Dispatcher Lauren Russell of Alvaton; Senior Dispatcher Tim Mackin of Roundhill; Senior Dispatcher Deana Owens of Bowling Green; Dispatcher DJ Buselmeir of Bowling Green; Dispatcher Dylan Greer of Bowling Green; Dispatcher Michelle Baker of Bowling Green; Dispatcher Adrienne Collazo of Bowling Green; Dispatcher Emily Crider of Bowling Green; Dispatcher Ryan Barker of Brownsville; and Tonya White of Glasgow.

"The job our dispatchers do daily never ceases to amaze me," says Christy Basham, the Post 03 Telecommunications Supervisor. "They always work together as a team, and I am so proud to get to work with each one of them. Each and every one of our dispatchers is without a doubt an essential asset to our agency."

To watch a short video about KSP telecommunicators, click on or visit the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzGOaQDdXfw&feature=youtu.be or visit www.kentuckystatepolice.org

For more information or to apply for a telecommunication position with KSP, log on to the state personnel website at www.personnel.ky.gov

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