2016 Kentucky Highway Fatalities

The Kentucky State Police is committed to the safety of citizens of the Commonwealth.  Through the Criminal Identification and Records Branch, the Kentucky State Police make available a number of different traffic collision statistical data and facts.

2016 Annual Kentucky Highway Fatalities*:

Weekend Toll: 6
Delayed Entries: 3
Deleted Entries: 0
September 21, 2016 fatalities: 1
2016 fatalities to date: 564
Same Period in 2015: 523
Same Period in 2014: 468
Same Period in 2013: 480
Same Period in 2012: 533
Total Fatalities for 2015: 761
Graph with Highway Fatality numbers Graph with Highway Fatality numbers

*current as of 8:00 AM, September 22, 2016

Users following these numbers on a daily basis will note that on occasion,
'Total Fatalities to Date' will increase by more than 'Daily Fatalities' from one day to the next.  Differences are due from delayed entries in the Fatal Accident Reporting System.

2016 Yearly Stat Information

2016 Map by County