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Collision Report Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I contact the Kentucky State Police Civilian Collision Records Section?


(502) 782-9929

If a police officer responded to my collision do I need to fill out a Civilian Collision Report as well?

No. If an officer has responded and indicated he/she will be completing the report, you are not required to complete a second report. Please allow 10 days for the report to be completed by the officer and made available in our system.

If I don’t know who hit me, can I still fill out a Civilian Collision Report?

Yes. If your car was parked and you discovered damage, you can complete the report with your information in “Unit 1” and put “UNK” for the name of “Unit 2”. No other information is required for unknown unit information. Add as much known information as possible.

What if I do not know the location of where my vehicle was damaged? Can I still complete the collision report?

If you discovered the damage a different day or time, you can enter the city and/or county that the collision occurred. If that information is not known, enter “UNK” in the location.

My insurance company is requesting a collision report number for my claim. How can I obtain a collision report number?

After you complete the online report the system will generate a report number. This is a unique number assigned to your collision. You will be given the option of downloading the report for your records.

I forgot to download/save my civilian collision report after submission. How do I obtain a copy of my report?

You may mail in a written request for a copy of your report, including your name, the date of the collision, and the county or city the collision occurred in. Please allow 3 business days for this request to be processed.

This request can be mailed to:
Kentucky State Police Headquarters
ATTN: Open Records
1266 Louisville Rd.
Frankfort, KY 40601