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KSP Honor Guard

The Kentucky State Police first formed an Honor Guard unit in 1948 but disbanded it later. In November 1981, KSP reorganized an Honor Guard unit under the command of Captain Norman Bryant. The unit was designed to enhance the agency’s image, show pride in the organization and its accomplishments, and reflect on KSP’s tradition.

Today’s Honor Guard represents the agency at formal State occasions and ceremonies, parades of significance, and other noteworthy events throughout the Commonwealth. Their most important and solemn role is honoring the Troopers who have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth.

The Honor Guard’s current uniform was designed in 1981, representing the agency’s roots as well as the Troopers of today.

Death of Chapter 16 Retiree

A sworn unit who retires honorably from the agency shall be entitled to appropriate honors provided by the KSP Honor Guard, consisting of a casket guard positioned at the head of the casket, a ceremony at a location deemed suitable for the presentation of a Commonwealth, and Kentucky State Police flag, and the United States flag if the member was a military veteran. Veteran honors such as taps, United States flag fold, and firing party may be performed by KSP Honor Guard or Honor Guard designee(s). The affected post personnel may provide funeral escorts and pallbearers.

  • All honors are subject to approval by the Commissioner.

Presentation of Colors

In addition to employee and retiree funerals, the KSP Honor Guard represents the agency at civic events, parades, public, and agency ceremonies.

This specialized unit performs the “Presentation of Colors” at various public events, conferences, and sporting events throughout the Commonwealth.

Civic requests for the Honor Guard at an event require a 4-week advance notice, must be approved by the Honor Guard Commander, and are filled as availability allows.

To request the Honor Guard for an event or funeral detail, please email with a point of contact, phone number, the date the Honor Guard would perform, and the type of services requested. You will be notified as soon as possible regarding your request.

  • Ceremonial details are subject to final approval by the Commissioner and are in keeping with the Kentucky State Police’s traditions and standards..