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Post 13

Traffic Safety Checkpoint Locations

Kentucky State Police Post Thirteen will be conducting safety traffic checkpoints in the Post Thirteen area. Troopers will be checking for impaired drivers, children that are not properly restrained in child safety seats, and to inform the public about the use of seatbelts. These safety checkpoints will be conducted in various locations throughout the Post Thirteen area that are experiencing a high ratio of vehicular crashes resulting in injury and/or death compared to relatively low safety restraint usage ratio.

Breathitt County

KY 15 at Ned, just North of milepost 1.018 in front of Western Branch Diesel.
KY 15-KY 1812 in Jackson at milepost 16.750
KY 15 at Vancleve, 2/10ths mile north of milepost 25.086.
KY 15, 1 mile South of milepost 14.629 in front of Kentucky River Community Care.
KY 15, 8/10ths mile north Perry-Breathitt County line.
KY 476 at junction KY 476 and Troublesome, milepost 4.247, Caney Road in front of Faith Bible Church.
KY 205 at junction KY 1812 at milepost 1.87 North
KY 1110, approximately 2/10ths miles west of 15.413 milepost.
KY 52 at junction of KY 52 and Clover Fork Road.
KY 30 West and Town Hill Road at milepost 12.814.
KY 30 West at KY 52 milepost 13.297
KY 1812 & 378, Blanton Bridge Fork Road.
KY 476 at Russell Branch Road
Ky. 1812 Approximately 2 Miles North of the Red Lights in the JacksonCity Limits
Junction of KY 1098 and Press Howard Fork Road
KY 1098 ¼ Mile West Of Elk View Road
KY 1098 at Junction of Big Lovely Road and Quicksand Creek Road
KY 1812 Quicksand Road at Full Gospel Deliverance Church
KY 1812 Quicksand Road Near Junction of Picnic Hill Road in Front of 225 Quicksand Road Old Abandoned Building
Armory Drive at Old Log Yard (South Jackson)
KY 15 North at Junctionof KY 3193 Wolverine Road
KY 30 West and KY 397
KY 30 West and KY 3237 Canoe Road
KY 315 and KY 28
KY 1110 and Bowlings Creek Road
KY 1110 Wolfcoal at Chaney’s Store
KY 1110 at Daymond Drive
KY 1110 and KY 397
KY 476 and Riley Branch Road
KY 476 Just Off KY 15 at Church
KY 476 at Mouth of Fugate’s Fork Road
KY 1278 and Watts Road
KY 1278 at Leatherwood Road and McIntosh Road
KY 30 East at Airport Road
KY 30 East at Entrance To Miller Brother’s Coal Haul Road
KY 30 East and KY 542
KY 542 and Big Lovely Road
KY 542 at Magoffin County Line
KY 1098 at James’ Branch Road
Rocklick Road at South Rocklick Road
KY 541 Approximately 2.5 Miles From KY 205 at Trailer Park
KY 541 at the Martha Layne Collins Bridge

Knott County

KY 15, Thunder Valley (Carr Fork Lake)
KY 550 – Larkslane, 1/10th mile East – Long Branch
KY 550/KY 1087 Junction – Mousie
KY 899 – 1/10th mile North of Dairy Queen entrance
KY 160 – Litt Carr – Big Y Market
KY 582, ½ mile East Junction KY 582 & KY 1393 – Pinetop
KY 899, Pippa Passes 2/10th mile North of Onion Blade
KY 550, Fisty 2/10th mile East Perry-Knott line – County Market
KY 7, Kite – Fire Department
KY 160 at Ivis Bible Church
KY 1088, Sassafras – Car Wash
KY 721, Clear Creek, 220 feet south of Junction KY 550 and KY
Highway 550 East Junction at Ky. 160 connector
Ky. 550 at the Tobacco Hut in Hindman on KY 550
Ky. 550 at the old carwash & Jones Flower Shop
Highway 550 West at the Hindman Hills Bridge
Ky. 550 West at the June Buchanan Clinic Bridge
Carrie Variety Store Parking Lot, 4097 Ky. Route 550 West Bound Carrie, Ky. 41725
Ky 1087 E at the Ball Creek Fire Departmentv Ky 550 E at the car wash, Lackey. 500′ east of Webb Br Rd
KY 550 East at the old Pic Pac at Leburn
KY 582 at Ford Honeycutt’s old store at Pinetop
Alice Lloyd College Bypass on KY 89
Mallie Post Office on KY 899
KY 550 and Spruce Pine Road (Slone Fork) Intersection
Ogden Branch and Old Ogden Road Intersection
KY HWY 899 1/10th mile west of mile marker 10 at Raven
Intersection of KY HWY 1498 and KY HWY 7 at Kite
KY HWY 1231 at the Knott County Water Plant at Amburgey
KY HWY 80 just off of KY HWY 80 at the entrance to Jamestown Village

Leslie County

KY 9006 between milepost at 45.415 and 45.769
KY 118/US 421 at milepost 22.613
US 421/KY 257 at milepost 0.000
KY 699 3/10ths mile East of milepost 2.060
KY 1807 at milepost 2.975 Second Fork Road
KY 406 at milepost 11.667, mouth of Knob Lick Hollow
US 421, 2/10ths mile north of milepost 23.015, Rockhouse
US 421 at Junction of 1482
KY 2059 at the Coon Creek Fire Department
Jct. of Bull Creek and Dryhill Rd
Jct. of Lower McIntosh Rd. and Old KY 80
The Pines on South US 421 at Beech Fork at the 11 mile marker
The junction of KY 1780 at Asher and Army Trail Road (formerly called Bad Creek)
The junction of KY 406 and KY 66 at Red Bird

Letcher County

KY Dry Fork – Auto Parts.
US 119, 1/10th mile North of KY 805 Junction
KY 160, Kings Creek – Freewill Baptist Church
KY 7/KY 931 Junction – Colson Baptist Church
KY 160, 1/10th mile south of Hollybush Roadv KY 317, Deane – Isaac Lumber Company
KY 805, 3/10th mile North of Junction KY 805 and US 119 (Straight)
KY 7, 5 miles south of the junction of KY 7 and KY 15
KY 7 South, junction of KY 7 south and KY 1103
KY 160, 200 feet south of the junction of KY 160 and KY 463
US 119, 1/10th mile north of the Letcher-Harlan County lines
US 23, 8/10th mile north of the junction of US 23 and KY 805v KY 805, where KY 23 passes over KY 805
Ky. 806 at Arlie Boggs Elementary School
Junction of Ky. 1862 & Ky.2545
Ky. 805 in Haymond at E.B. Wright Drive
Ky. 343 at McRoberts’ Post Office
Junction KY. 7 & Spring Branch in Jeremiah Community
Ky. 931 North in Whitesburg at old Substation
Junction of Ky. 588 and 3401
Junction Ky. Ky. 588 and Boney Banks Cemetery Road
KY 15X and Westwood subdivision
US 119 north in front of Howard’s Carpet and Tinseltown

Perry County

KY 15 N. at Grapevine between mile post 19.459 and 20.735
KY 28, gravel pit, 2/10ths mile west of mile post 13.555. KY 267, Dice – Jct. Of KY 1146, mile post 9.310
KY 476, Homeplace Stretch – Ary, Ky
KY 699, Jct. Of KY 463, mile post 4.832
George’s Branch Road, approximately five hundred (500) feet off KY 15 South at Vicco, Ky
KY 1095 at Kodak – Montgomery Creek
KY 2021 and KY 451, intersection at Willard
KY 80, 2/10ths mile west of mile post 4.378
KY 2022 and KY 28 in the Squabble Creek/Buckhorn area
KY 476 and KY 80, connector at Dwarf
Perry County Park Road
KY 1088 – Lotts Creek at R & R Transmission after business hours
Daniel Boone Parkway East of mile post 51.026
KY 550 – Chaney Lane Intersection at Airport Gardens near the old R&R Transmission Building
Lick Branch Road at Combs
KY 476 – Bomber Lane Intersection across from The Town & Country Animal Clinic
KY 15 Business / North Main Street at The Riverview Diner
KY 476 – Hardburly Road Intersection in Bulan
KY 484 at the 1.5 Milepoint Marker at Saul
KY 7 at the 6.2 Milepoint Marker at Viper
Krypton-Lickbranch Road Approximately 2 tenths of a mile from the junction of KY 451
Gorman Hollow Road approximately 2 tenths of a mile from the junction of Ky. 451
Ky. Hwy. 2446, at the junction of Ky. Hwy. 2446 and Francis Branch Road, at milepoint 3
Junction of Ky. 15 South and Ky. 476 North in front of the old K.S.P. Building in the Hazard City Limits
Ky. 1088 (Lotts Creek Road) at the junction of Feltner Lane. This is at the three (3) mile marker on Ky. 1088
KY. 80 at Combs, approx. .15 miles from the Ky. South ramp onto Ky 80 at the CLM Tobacco Shop, near the entrance to K-Mart
Ky. 267 at Bonnyman, approx. .2 miles from the intersection of Ky. 15 and Ky. 267 at the parking lot of the First Creek Baptist Church
Ky. 15 at Jeff, .3 miles South of the intersection of Jim Combs Trail
Ky. 550 at the intersection of Crawford Mountain Road
Ky 15 and KY. 1095 intersection at the entrance to Vicco
The intersection of Oakwood Ave. and Main St. in the limits of the City of Vicco, Ky
Route 1146, GPS coordinates 37.21517/83.12398, near the Lost Creek Fire Dept
Entertainment Drive and Hull School Road
Approximately .5 miles up Ky. 1440, more commonly known as Upper Second Creek Roadv The intersection of Raccoon Creek and Glomawr Stormking Hollow
Approximately 0.5 miles up Ky. 1440, Upper Second Creek Rd, Darfork, across the railroad tracks next to a church
Intersection of Ky. Rt. 7 and Ky. Hwy. 1165, Maces Creek
Approximately 1 mile up Glomawr Stormking Hollow in the Glomawr Community. There is a wide spot on the right side of the roadway at the intersection of Glomawr Stormking Hollow and Raccoon Creek
The intersection of Entertainment Drive and Hull School Road in the parking lot of Fugate’s Bowling Alley. Rt 1146 GPS 37.21517/83.12398, Lost Creek Fire Dept
Cherokee Hills Road under train trestleHR9006 Exit 56 Off Ramp to KY 451
KY 451 and Couchtown Road
Main Street in Hazard at Hazard Furniture
KY 451 at Town Mountain in Hazard