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A concealed firearm SHALL NOT be carried in the following places:

  • Police station or sheriff’s office.
  • Detention facility, prison or jail.
  • Courthouse (Court of Justice, courtroom or court proceeding).
  • County, municipal, or special district governing body meetings.
  • Meeting of governing body of a county, municipality, or special district.
  • General Assembly session, including committee meetings.
  • Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense beer or alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose.
  • Elementary or secondary school facilities (without the consent of school authorities).
  • Child-caring facilities, day care centers, or any certified family child care home.
  • Areas within an airport where restricted access is controlled by the inspection of persons or property.
  • Any place where federal law prohibits the carrying of a firearm.

In addition to the above restrictions, units of state and local governments and postsecondary education facilities (colleges, universities, technical schools and community colleges) have the authority to limit the carrying of concealed weapons on property owned or controlled by them (KRS 237.115). You should check with units of state and local government as well as postsecondary education facilities prior to carrying a concealed weapon on their property.

Also, KRS 527.070 prohibits unlawful possession (whether carried openly or concealed) of a weapon on school property, except for certain specified exceptions. KRS 244.125 prohibits loaded firearms (concealed or otherwise) in places where alcohol is sold by the drink, except for certain specified exceptions.

In addition, Kentucky law does not prohibit the owners of private premises from excluding persons carrying firearms. Failure to vacate private premises when asked to do so could result in a criminal trespass charge.